Downlight Cutters

Downlight Cutters are accessories to ensure optimum, economical and effective cutting of holes in ceilings. Installing downlight in a ceiling is not just a bothersome job, but requires a lot of extra efforts from operator’s end. Some of them include when workers are asked to work in a combination of extractor fans and speakers with these Downlight Cutters. If you are planning to buy such industrial-grade Downlight cutters, then visiting Audel without further ado.

Choosing Audel for industrial Downlight Cutters
Audel is one of the leading online stores that have been dealing in a wide range of Downlight Cutters, procured from top manufacturing brands. These Downlight cutters feature a push-up spring, which is pushed against the surface for better sealing around rim and more apt cutting precision.

Audel: Downlight Cutters Matching your Jobsite Requirements
At Audel, you can avail these Downlight cutters in various lengths such as 72mm, 75mm, 89mm, 92mm, and 95mm. Featuring Tungsten Carbide grit edges, these Downlight Cutters can easily cut through materials of varying thickness such as Plaster, Plasterboard, Fibre Cement Sheet, and Ceiling Tiles. Provided with a Flexible Polymer Dust Bowl, these Downlight Cutters can be functional for collecting dust and debris in every Drill Bit application.  Explore the assortment of Audel’s Downlight cutter to match requirements for hole saw sizes and drill bits.

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