Dumpy Levels

Audel is a great Australian power tool provider that deals in an industrial range of engineering tools such as Dumpy Levels. Also referred as builder's auto level, leveling instrument or automatic level, these Dumpy Levels are perfect to check points in a horizontal plane. These Dumpy Levels can be used for a plethora of jobs like surveying, measuring and even setting horizontal levels.

Dumpy Levels are specially designed tools to indicate the evolution in design. Setting the records straight, these industrial dumpy levels are used to set level in each quadrant and ensure a full 360°transverse. These Dumpy Levels sometimes feature a bubble level for ease of accuracy throughout.

Audel procures an inventory of industry-grade Dumpy Levels, which can be easily looked through the eyepiece for accurate measurements.  Easy to use, these industrial-grade Dumpy Levels let your assistant easily measure the point without providing any scope for alterations. These Dumpy Levels can be easily installed using tripods irrespective of the jobsite situation. Our branded assortment of Dumpy Levels is easy to avail at very reasonable rates and instant shipping policies. For more, you can pre-estimate the shipping charges at Audel before the actual delivery.

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