Electrical Pliers

Pliers are commonly known as hand tools, which are used to hold objects firmly with its two hinged arms and serrated jaws. The Electrical Pliers are those types of pliers but with longer and leaner profile, which is insulated with dielectric coating. It is most commonly used to grip and manipulate wires where your average pair of piers cannot. It is less electrically conductive and is ideal for work in close proximity to live electrical circuits and energized components.

Insulated, Versatile Pliers
The electrical pliers available at Audel are insulated, long nose pliers, which are a must-have for all electricians for electrical repairs and installations. Some pliers are also fitted with wire-cutter blades built either into the jaws or on the handles just below the pivot. Our large catalogues of Electrical Pliers include Long Nose Pliers, combination pliers and cutters, wire crimper, wire stripper, mini flat nose pliers and lots more. The pliers are available in various makes and sizes for purchased individually or as a set. We, at Audel offer only high-grade products from trusted brand for superior performance and durability.

Audel- Online Store
Audel is one of the most trusted names when it comes to supplying of industrial tools. We offer only high-quality products, which are checked and tested for quality. Shop online with us and have your tools delivered at your doorstep.

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