Welding Accessories

With the use of few accessories, welding can be an interesting and safe jobsite activity. Overtime, with the influx of improved health and safety standards, welding accessories are designed, updated, and modified. Audel is excelling with the commitment to provide a portfolio of high-performance welding accessories suited a wider array of industrial welding and cutting assignments.

Audel offers the best of Personal Protection Equipment, which include covering from head to foot during every general engineering application. Our range quality tools and accessories is inclusive of cable connectors, tungsten grinders, gouging torches, fume extraction units and electrode drying ovens.

At Audel, we offer welding accessories such as flint lighters; hose repair kits and spiral tip cleaning sets to suit your jobsite demands. These welding accessories can easily provide 22-, 45- and 90-degree angle cuts as well as saddle cuts. For all your welding and brazing production projects, explore the inventory of branded welding accessories available here, without breaking your banks.