Green Beam Lasers

Headquartered in Australia, Audel Power Tools is a reliable online store to deal in an industrial range of Distance Lasers especially Green Beam Lasers. These bright green-beam lasers are designed to offer three times brighter output than compared to other standard red beam solutions. Whether you are looking for instant horizontal or vertical self-leveling activities, these Green Beam Lasers are perfect to be installed without any hassle. Audel provides these professional-grade Green Lasers for leveling and alignment with a 90° layout beam.

Audel Power Tools provides these long-lasting Green Beam Lasers in a complete selection of beam visibility enhancements. These industrial-grade Green Beam Lasers ensure a powerful laser beam throughout its battery life. No signs of flickering and waning are witnessed throughout in the operations of Green Beam Lasers. These industrial Green Beam Lasers can easily scan angle for maximum visibility with easy grip carrying handles. Most of these Green Beam Lasers are provided with a 40-hour battery life regulating on 2 D cell batteries.

To experience utmost accuracy up to 100 ft. in horizontal and vertical realms, browse through the assortment of Green Beam Lasers by Audel. Audel provides these industrial laser lights at very reasonable rates and instant shipping claims. At Audel, we are also offering complete ease of calculating the shipping charges before the final delivery of your laser products.

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