Tripods & Staffs

Audel Power Tools is one of the largest online stores, which are over time browsed for different industrial shopping requirements. Carving a niche in the retail, Audel is now most popularly browsed and shopped for Tripods &staffs.  At Audel, we have the largest assortment of Tripod & Staffs which can perform all requirements for the construction industry. These offered tripod & staffs are perfect for all kind of survey and ranging jobs. Whether you are planning to go for a hobby assignment or DIY job, these tripods and Staffs are perfect for professionals as well as heavy-duty enthusiasts.

Audel also provides telescopic leveling staffs, which are fabricated out of industrial-grade aluminum tubes. The individual sections can easily slide through sturdy plastic extension guides and easy insertion and withdrawal assignments. With robust locking feature, these staffs guarantee safe locking on different individual telescopic sections.

Audel is also browsed for Surveying Tripods among the most popularly used surveying instruments. These tripods are made from wood & aluminum, which can be browsed in various sizes, weights and functionalities. Audel offers these Tripods & Staffs at the most reasonable prices and instant shipping claims. Shop at Audel now!

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